The complaint of Jorge Javier Vázquez hides (and is the most “icky” occurred in Save me)


Jorge Javier Vázquez

March 29, 2020
(15:00 CET)

If there is a string in the sperm complaints and the bands are already a part of day-to-day, that is no other than Telecinco. Paolo Vasile decided a long time ago to give a twist to the television and began to enhance his sets and in his realitys all kinds of controversies.

In recent years, the demands and the complaints are not is that they have been few, but there are one of them who has now returned to see the light and that, yes, Jorge Javier Vázquez calla. Among other things because it affects is nothing other than Bethlehem Stephen. A mess that, for many, it is the most “repulsive” that has happened in Save me during the last few years.

The complaint to Belen Esteban

And all part of the third edition of Big Brother VIP. An edition in which, you will recall that the followers of the chain, there was another that Bethlehem stephen the one that took the victory.

Belén Esteban cries in the GH VIP 3

However, for many television moments of bright, protagonizada Stephen there were also moments of tension. Especially with one of his then colleagues in Save me, Angela Porter.

Clashes that ended up even on a complaint by Goalkeeper to Stephen by unfounded accusations and menosprecios against his honor. The case is that, since the program ended, Goalkeeper disappeared from the grill Telecincoand there are not a few who, from within, to point out that it was not other that Bethlehem he was the promoter of that disappearance.

The case is that just a few days ago took place the litigation in a court of Pozuelo de Alarcón in which the prosecutor has requested a sentence for the princess of the people “violation and interference of the fundamental right to honour and intimacy”, as noted by several means.

We’ll see what decides the judge in charge of the lawsuit but, as expected, there have been quite a few comments against Bethlehem in the social networks.