The fairy tale of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin: the famous couple is about to celebrate his wedding


Though Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin were married last year they are just organizing a party to celebrate their union and, apparently, will take place next month.

According to the portal TMZthe model and singer are looking for a date in September so that they can gather their closest friends and family.

The famous couple was married on September 13 of last year in a New York court so that would be just the time to party and celebrate their first year as husband and wife.

Although there is not yet a precise date for the celebration, according to the report TMZ, Bieber and Hailey plan to send out invitations in a week. It is not known if the wedding will take place in the united States or Canada.

What is known is that the couple had already tried on three occasions to perform the wedding, but as the dates did not add up to their guests they had to scrap their plans.

Apparently, after the difficulties that you faced in the past few months, which spoke of a depression, Bieber is now in a much better emotional state, which has also influenced his musical creativity.

People in your close circle believe that he and Hailey made a very good couple, and the romance is full. For example, the message that a few days dedicated to him by the singer to his wife.

“Every day I fall in love with more of you. You’re the best thing that has happened to me, I would be lost without you”wrote the canadian singer to accompany its publication on Instagram, in which he shared several photos of the model.

“A year ago I said ‘yes’ to be your best friend for life and now I love you more than ever. Life gets more beautiful every day thanks to youmy heart belongs to you forever. Here to learn and grow together.”

Last April, amidst rumours of an alleged crisis in the couple, Bieber dedicated a tender message to his wife.

“The light of the sun falls into the abyss, as I fall between your lips. The waves break on the shore. My love for you grows more and more. The sound of crickets is a true meditation. I think of you, the greatest creation of God. While I fall into this wonderful this reflect on how you are my only SOUL MATE”.

And in an interview for Vanity Fair, Bieber had spoken of the importance of Hailey in her life. Especially after facing a time of excess, with a sex addiction including.

“I wanted to re-dedicate myself to God in that way because I really felt that it was better for the condition of my soul, and I believe that God blessed me with Hailey as a result. There are advantages, you get rewards for good behavior.”

The singer and Hailey were taking a walk by Beverly Hills when a woman in a bathing suit and gloves box appeared before them and said to Bieber “fight with me”.

At the beginning the famous couple seemed a bit taken aback, but after Bieber expressed his anger and asked the woman if not embarrassed.