The first tweet of Adele throughout the year: it’s not about music but of policy


November 27, 2019 11:45

Broke the silence: after a year without a tweet, the singer Adele sent a message to encourage their followers to go vote.

It had been almost a year Adele not publishing a message on Twitter, and decided to break the silence with an order to his fans. His last tweet was December 31, 2018, in memory of the victims of the fire of the Tower, Grenfell, which took place in 2017.

But last Tuesday, Adele decided to resume the communication with his followers, but not to announce a new album. The singer of Chasing Pavements, 31 years old, was inspired to the users with its appearance on the networks, that they thought that I was going to bring forward a topic.

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But the star only, I wanted to urge her 27.5 million followers to vote in the general elections of the United Kingdom, which will be held on the 12th of December. “Don’t forget to register to vote before midnight tonight in the Uk ✔️”, wrote Adeleand added a link to the government website, to register, since I had time up until Tuesday night.

His fans did not receive him very well, because they hoped that their presence in the networks out for something related to your career and not politics. “Where is the album?”, “This notification gave me a heart attack!”, were some of the angry responses.


There were comments even more scathing, which asks: “do Not forget to release the album before dying of thirst Adele”. And also demonstrations of explicit disgust: “I Thought that was related to music … oh, b *** h we miss you!” or, “Lady, we need an album!”.

But the most ironic was the one that wrote: “You finally remembered your password!”, making reference to the long silence that remained for almost a year. Perhaps the artist was afraid that you closed the account, as Twitter announced that it would delete all inactive accounts on the 11th of December.

Source: Daily Mail

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