‘The Hole’ had an alternate ending much more illuminating than the original


‘The Hole’ came to Netflix just a week ago, and since that was premiered at the platform has become a real revolution. It is already the film seen by more people than currently on Netflix USA, Spain and dozens of other countries. If you have seen it you’ll know that the tape Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia has an ending very open which gives rise to various interpretations. The director has confirmed that he recorded a final alternative and it is much more illuminating than the original.

The Hole

Beware of SPOILERS!

*This article contains spoilers from ‘The Pit’. Do not continue reading if you still haven’t seen it.

The end of ‘The Hole’ leaves many questions up in the air and have arisen multiple theories of what that might mean. Is there really a girl or is it the result of desperation? Do you get Goreng (Ivan Massagué) your goal? What the Administration is aware of what is down there? We met some unknowns and we collected various interpretations of the film. However, now it is the director that has clarified and has stated that, although they recorded an alternate ending in which the girl came to the Administration, the choice of which we saw has a why.

Actually we filmed a different ending in which the girl arrived at the first level, but take it out of the moviesaid Gaztelu-Urrutia DigitalSpy. “I wanted that was open to interpretation. I will leave what happens in the hands of your imagination.”, he explained. That is to say, that with this end in which the girl managed to get to the Administration and therefore showed that Goreng had accomplished his goal after all, maybe we would have been able to see how it would have reacted to the above. If the message would have changed the way they act, the rules and regulations of the hole. The girl child was the message of hope, but we were half of knowing whether the message arrived or not.

In addition, though it seems to be clear that finally Goreng dies, as it is with Trimagasi (Zorion Eguileor), remains in the air the question of when dies actually our protagonist. “For me, that low level does not exist. Goreng is dead before you arrive and that is only your interpretation of what he felt he had to doreveals Gaztelu-Urrutia. This would change everything. It would mean that nothing of what we saw at the end is real, it is just the delirium of Goreng (probably after a strong fight with other inmates) and their desire to change the system. Although we can only cling to this theory with the end that we saw and not with the alternative in which the girl yeah came to the first level, since that would show that yes there is and that the protagonist saved her.

What sequel or remake?

Following the success of Netflix to the international level, the producer of ‘The Pit’, Carlos Juarez, commented that it is in negotiations with the streaming platform for a future sequel or remake. Although we still don’t have more details, it would be a good opportunity to give a twist to this dystopian story.