The Lollapalooza, on the edge of your suspension or postponement


The head of Cabinet buenos aires, Carlos Biancosaid yesterday that the government of the Province assesses the suspension of the Lollapalooza. “What we are looking at in particular. There was a meeting between the ministry of Security of the Province with the organizers, where they discussed the issue but was informed that it was recommended the suspension Today so that there is a resolution of the ministry of Health that recommended to suspend the activity and that people avoid participating,” he said.

Yesterday, president Fernandez announced that it would be mandatory for a quarantine period of 15 days to any person coming from countries with a high rate of infection of this disease, but there is still no resolution signed. This daily consulted the organizers of the Lollapalooza for the more than 3000 foreigners (including artists and technicians of the bands) that would arrive to that date and would not have the 15 days of isolation, but the answers, in spite of the meeting with the provincial authorities, were that “Lollapalooza is still standing. We are all working normally and we don’t have descent of government of any cancellation”.

The production company DF Entertainment, which has other international shows, he insisted that “all will be normal”. Of the one hundred artists invited to the festival, the majority are foreigners except the minimum percentage of argentines. Among the international are The Strokes, Gwen Stefani, Armin Van Buuren, Travis Scott, Martin Garrix, Brockhampton, Madeon, Rita Ora, A Day to Remember, King, Princess, Guns N’ Roses, Lana del Rey, Cage the Elephant, James Blake and Alan Walker, among many others.

In social networks lived the fearful with the omnipotent. There are many local and brazilians who were selling their tickets for fear, while so many others were mourning for the rumor that it is to suspend. Some even ideaban mechanisms to earn money, they suggested to resell the tickets in order to claim the refund of money to the producer, speculating on an imminent cancellation.

In terms of Soda Stereo, the producer confirmed that although rescheduled the shows in Costa Rica and Paraguay by measures taken by the respective governments, the Buenos Aires continues to firm. The band headed by Zeta Bosio and Charly Alberti is already in CABA and should not submit to quarantine. From the producer pointed out: “We depend on the Government’s decision that, if you do not decide to suspend shows crowded, we will go forward”. In the case of Paraguay, the Government ordered that for a period of 15 days are suspended all public events and/or private concurrence, massive as concerts, sporting events, religious, political and educational activities”.

The theatre group “Fuerzabruta” discontinued all of their shows in the Eastwhile Tini Stoessel cancelled shows Madrid, Brussels and postponed the recital of the march 14, at the Movistar Arena for the 28th of that month, because the return to the country is subject to quarantine. Another well-attended activity that is postponed is the gastronomic fair Chew on The Dorrego. I was going to be held from 2 to 5 April but before the impossibility of securing the presence of the international guests opted to delay it.

In relation to the theatre, AADET issued a statement in which he states that the theatre halls have increased the modalities and frequency of cleaning and disinfection, the provision of supplies of personal cleanliness and the increased availability of alcohol gel for public use in the areas of income. Also appeal to the “goodwill” of the public: “we Request that any spectator who had been or remained in transit recently in countries of greater exposure are indicated by the Ministry of Health and/or who experience symptoms of cold or flu, stay in your house, consult a physician and refrain from attending shows. It is obligatory to return the entries through the same channels by which the had been purchased in advance”. Carlos Rottemberg what he called “civic conscience” and reminded that the failure to respect the protocols includes penalties such as imprisonment.

In the publishing world, yesterday circulated a press release of the workers who expressed concern at the decision that the Book Foundation would move forward with the implementation of the International Book Fair of Buenos Aires in front of the clear situation of the global epidemic caused by a coronavirus. “We ask the authorities to be mindful of the severity that would be caused by the transit of thousands of people per day at the premises of The Rural without any kind of sanitary control. Oneself the risk to which we would be exposed to workers and visitors, among them hundreds of pensioners and children. It is urgent to meet this demand of the workers of the sector, we noted a situation which in other countries was solved with the suspension of fairs, mass events and sporting events. Nothing is worth more than the protection of our population,” says the text, that no one firm but flowing from two days ago, in the middle.

Yesterday, through an official statement, the Book Fair was ratified, in contrast to the european, its continuity: “In front of the responsibility –both economic and social– which involves putting on the greatest cultural event of Latin america, maintains a line of consultation with the competent authorities and remains attentive to developments or dispositions that may occur. At the same time remember that the Fair is not only an event of major of culture and the promotion of the book, gravitation key in your industry, but also has an economic dimension that is significant to the Buenos Aires and the country, to be a source of work for thousands of people.” The 46° International Book Fair of Buenos Aires, with Havana as the city’s guest of honor, has planned to start their journeys on Tuesday, April 28, open to the public on Thursday 30th and close Monday, may 18. Are scheduled, like every year, more than 1,500 cultural events.

Finally, as the Louvre in Paris and many other european museums that cerrararon preventively its doors (the italians all, from already), the first to replicate it was the Malba, which reported that it will close for two weeks: “due to the high influx of international tourism and the pandemic of corona, Malba, buenos aires has decided to close the museum and exhibitions until march 25, and to suspend the activities of cinema, literature and public programs,” according to a statement released yesterday.