The madness of Becky G recorded on video (and accumulate millions of views)


Becky G

March 29, 2020 (12:45 CET)

Becky G it seems that is an experienced in the music and just just turned 23 years of age. Its beginnings at an early age have made him go through a lot in record time, as well as to feel completely adapted to the fame. Does not affect him in the slightest to do all kinds of crazy things in the networks and the stage to keep entertaining their audience. Indeed, one of their follies was recorded on video and accumulated millions of views. We do not think of her in this way at any time.

By reason of his recent birthday a few weeks ago, the californian of mexican roots. shown in a video by jumping on the bed and celebrating his day, while, in the ceiling of the room may notice a good amount of balloons. It is shown that he lives each moment to the fullest and enjoy it as it should be.

This happiness did not last long because came the days of quarantine, which have been affected by the singer according to what it says in their networks. However, it seems to have found the longed-for peace of mind doing sports with your partner, or something like that.

Becky G shows for the football skills

A good way to clear the mind is to do sport, even more so if you can be with a professional player to the side. This was the case for Becky, who performed some touches the ball with his partner, Sebastian Lletget, who is a player of los Angeles Galaxy of the MLS.

The singer said: So I try to help my man to train and stay active, it turned into this #STAYHOME. This said, the star of the show skills with the ball making games with his lover.

To Becky G you will note recovered from his moment of dark concern by the pandemic, and that should bring joy to their millions of followers. We want to get closer to see her demonstrate her talent on the stage.