The mysterious story of unrequited love that hides ‘Someone like you’, the song that makes you cry all over the world | Today


In any playlist dedicated to a date so indicated as being today, Blue Mondayshould not miss that Someone Like You that catapulted him to stardom Adele. The song, which closed his best-selling 21as soon it was released as single the 24 of January of 2011 (just the same day they came to the stores, their second long), immediately struck a chord in the homes of half the world. Only accompanied by a piano, Adele made us partakers of a universal history of lack of affection. In fact, all the topics of 21 revolved around the figure of a former that, by then, the british considered the perfect place to raise a family. But who was really the person who shattered your heart and inspired you the most effective torch song –song of love– of we century?

She, always discreet, he has never revealed the identity of the man who made him touch the happiness for 18 months between 2008 and 2009. In an interview granted to The Guardian in 2011, he said, “who cares? It is not anyone famous, just an old boyfriend. Do not go out with celebrities”. The mystery is still there, but several media outlets pointed out in 2012, directly to two possible people: while the New York Post opted for the musician Slinky Sunbeam (also known as Slinky Winfield), Heat Magazine he reported that the target of Someone Like You was the photographer Alex Sturrock.

The theory about this second did not do more to gain strength at the beginning of 2016 when, through his own website, Sturrock made public a few snapshots intimate of the artist taken during his american tour of 2008. Precisely, at that moment, Adele decided to cancel some of the dates that I had scheduled to spend more time on your side. “I was drinking too much and that was the foundation of my relationship with this guy. I couldn’t bear to be without him, so I thought ‘well, okay, cancelaré my affairs then’”, he confessed to the magazine Nylon a year later.

“We were so intense that I thought that we would marry, but that was something that he never wanted to,” he told Q Magazine in may of 2011. Though the worst was still to come: Adele, some time after the painful break-up, he discovered one morning that was acatarrada that the man of her dreams was going to marry with another woman. As he explained to MTV during the promotion of the LP, that was the trigger that in the midst of a depression brought her to spit his ghosts with the help of songwriter and producer Dan Wilson: “When I started writing Someone Like You I had already shown my position bitch songs such as Rolling in the Deep or Rumor Has It. I was really exhausted emotionally by the way that you portrayed because, despite the bitterness and the regret, remained the most important person in my life. I had to write Someone Like You to feel good about myself, as well as with the two years that I spent with him. When I did I felt very liberated.” “I can’t imagine the 40 going to find him and seeing that he has a beautiful wife and some beautiful children, which is completely happy. And I still remain single. That thought terrifies me and that goes for the song”, apostilló, in turn, in an intimate performance that you made in your own home, and that accumulates more than 100 million visualizations in Youtube.

The hit it was recorded in just two days. Wilson initially had plans of adding some orchestral arrangements and even a choir, but at the end of the first day of recording Adele showed him the original tape to their manager and to his mother, who could not contain the tears. “When we finished the demo is put her to my wife and then I forgot about that. During the following months I heard comments sporadic of people who had heard and everyone told me that it made them cry. It’s a funny thing, it seems a response very common to the song. At first I thought people were crying because they know Adele, felt the pain of her breakup and were being empathetic. But after a time I continued to receive the same impressions from people that didn’t know Adele personally. They were also crying”, revealed by the producer in an interview in 2012.

According to a study collected by The Wall Street Journal in the same year, its melody, combined with the content of the lyrics and the powerful voice of Adele, it provoked strong emotions in those who listened. The explanation has to do with that Someone Like You is dotted notes are ornamental, similar to the apoyaturas, as discovered more than two decades ago, the psychologist british John Sloboda are responsible that certain songs provoke tears or goose bumps. A apoyatura consists in dodging the note that would come required by the melodic structure and instead of interpreting it immediately, get to it in an indirect way, even causing a dissonance. Then, if Someone like you it produces so much sadness, why is love so much? Robert Zatorre and his team of neuroscientists from McGill University came to the conclusion in a study published in 2011 that the music is emotionally intense releases dopamine, generating a pleasure similar to that produced by food, sex or drugs. It makes us feel good and drives us to repeat the behavior, listening in loop the song.

The singer, who according to his Instagram again sooner rather than later to present a musical with a weight loss surprisingly, in 2012 she gave birth to her first child, Angelo, the fruit of his relationship of seven years with the former broker and entrepreneur Simon Konecki. In 2016 they were married and it seemed that, at last, had found their long-desired half-orange. However, in April of 2019 will be released publicly news of his divorce. As usual she has not wanted to speak about it, but we are confident that on their next album, which is expected for this year, we will be able to read between the lines what really happened. What is the approach of a new Someone Like You? Soon we will leave doubts.