The new image of Adele after losing 19 pounds


Updated 28/10/2019 14:47

From that jumped to the fame all by the year 2007, the wars of Adele with the bscula have been constant, and their ups and downs of weight something common in their appearances. But it has been only a few days when we have been able to see the singer a lot more thin than usual, to the point that for many, looks almost unrecognizable. As she as has been able to lose neither ms nor less than 19 kilos.

Missing the focus meditico after his divorce from Simon Konecki last month of April, it seems that Adele has risen from its ashesand once you overcome the hard drink, has decided to put hands to work to win in health and sport a better look.

“Before a single cry, now sudo”. These are the words that accompany the photo on Instagram in which the singer shows his new image, a lot more stylized, with a black dress and velvet, makeup and hairstyle vintage. It has been the occasion of the birthday of his friend, the singer Drake, a party that also has been attended by celebrities such as Rihanna, Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg and Puft Daddy.

According to have the means’re brits, the change has been thanks to Joe Wicks personal trainer of famousand ms known with the nickname of “The Body Coach”. And also thanks to Dalton Wong, another “personal trainer” known in Hollywood for working with actors who need to lose weight for their roles, and in particular, for his work with the actress Jennifer Lawrence, amiga ntima of the singer.

Although this is the first time that perhaps ms slim, we have been able to see the interpreter “Rolling in deep” has not been the only. Already in the year 2015 and to mark the launch of his album “25”, the composer reapareci with ms of 30 kilos less, an accomplishment that it got to basis of sport, a vegetarian diet and a dose of hypnosis and yoga to end the anxiety that caused her to leave the tobacco.