The picture of Belén Esteban that sweeps Instagram. Miguel Marcos and she snapped: “It’s all over!”


belén esteban

March 29, 2020
(15:25 CET)

As you well know, the followers of Belén Esteban, collaborator of Telecinco it is not precisely a woman to go unnoticed on the television. Not in the social networks.

While it is true that Instagram and Twitter is not that they are precisely the platforms, where best expressed Bethlehemthat prefer much more the live and the adrenaline of the sets, has its public.

Belén Esteban

Yes, in the last few hours Bethlehem have you gotten the peta in their networks. In particular in Instagram where, in your stories, has hung up a photo that has generated a lot of negative comments. Among other things because many believe that, directly, is a lack of respect.

The picture of Belén Esteban

The case is that, without specifying if the image is of the day or not, Stephen has opted to publish a picture in which he looks to her and her husband, Miguel Framestake a stroll around the field. And of course, taking into account that Spain is confined, and that, in theory, are prohibited the outputs, which are not required, many have been loaded against the couple.

Belén Esteban

What irresponsible”, “it Is evident that, however much the Government and the media do not stop to say that it is best for us to stay at home, there are people that don’t give more”, “How serious are you walking?”, “I am here, overwhelmed at home, and these two ride…I alucino” or “it Is regrettable… and over it goes and hang it in their stories” are some of the many comments in this regard.

Is more, the mess has become so fat that there are already several that have pointed out that, from now on, stop following the controversy collaborator. “It is one thing to do more or less grace, but this selfishness is not you, I forgive you”, “it Is finished!”, “I follow you” or “Is the straw that breaks the camel” are some of the criticisms of this style.

A Stephen that, surely, is what you will think at least twice before you leave the house during the quarantine. Or at least upload it to their networks.