the picture that burns in Instagram


March 29, 2020
(13:15 CET)

Cristina Pedroche has become one of the protagonists of this quarantine caused by the coronavirus. Among other things because, as much as the woman David Muñoz you are confined in your home, your activity on the social networks has not stopped. On the contrary.

Cristina is sharing with his followers his routines and sports as well as your daily activity. Something that, as expected, liking, and much, among his followers.

In fact, it has been his last publication is one of the most comments it has generated. A publication which, apart from making the usual advertising of Puma, one of the brands that it works with it, we can see how those routines sports are helping Pedroche have a “tipazo”, as pointed out by many of his followers.

The picture of Cristina Pedroche

Pedroche wanted to share with their followers as it would be to his sabbath: “We’re going to put a bit of pace this Saturday! What are your plans for today? I have a day too busy. I’m going to put a washer, I’m going to make a cake and a lasagna with Husband, I’m going to read, I’m going to train, I’m going to see a movie…and a thousand things more. So the mess, that I don’t have time” she points out.

However, it has not been their busy day in the house has attracted the attention of the image or of the text of Cristinabut that has been your abdominal those who have focused a good part of the comments on the net and in the forums.

About abs can be seen perfectly in the picture and that has generated many opinions. The vast majority of them, more than positive. Comments such as “Are huge”, “Go tablet that has the Pedroche”, “Mother of mine this chiva has gone from tummy to have the abdominal marked”, “Brutal”, “As you notice the hours of yoga and gym Cristina,” or “I Think you’ve managed to reach a point where you are perfect, neither too thin nor too muscular…keep it up” are some of them.