The romantic message of Natalia Barulich to Maluma: “Love of my life”


The model Natalia Barulich again expressed his love for the singer Maluma through a message in your account Instagram.

A few days ago that Natalia was published on the social network, which has 2.4 million followers, a photograph in which he looked at her and Maluma kissing.

To accompany its publication, which managed more than 300,000 “likes”, Barulich wrote “Love of my life”.

This is not the first time the model, who began her romance with the singer a couple of years ago, it gives samples of your relationship. Just last July 7, shared a picture with the occasion of the International day of the Kiss Stolen.

From a swimming pool and with the landscape of Ibiza in the background, Natalia is left to see kissing her boyfriend and wrote that his love can only improve with time.

Suspicions about the status of their relationship is shot because the aunt of Maluma, Yudy Arias, commented “honey moon” that publication, for which some wondered if the couple had married in secret.

People close to the singer denied that Maluma and Natalia had been marriedbut it was not the first rumor unleashed in the wake of the publication of the model.

Last June, on the occasion of the Father’s day, Barulich shared a picture next to the singer in which, again, were kissing, and she wrote “papacito”, so some wondered if it was the announcement of an upcoming fatherhood Maluma, which also turned out to be as well.

However, the topic of children is something that the singer of “Happy 4” has spoken on several occasions.

“At work, I want a Grammy anglo. That would be very nice. And on a personal level, I want to be a dad, have a family. You reach a moment in which you say: wow, these two years, I reserve to share only with my children, with my wife.”

In January of 2018, Maluma made clear that he wanted to become a young parent to enjoy their children. “I would love to have a family. Have many children, I want to be a young father, yes, I don’t want to wait a long time to be a dad. I want to enjoy, I want to enjoy my children. Those are the plans, although not at the moment. Only other people’s children”, explained the interpreter colombian program Today, Televisa.

Although not necessarily married, the singer has accepted that he saw his future in a couple. “Yes, total. I am a person very loving, very affectionate. I believe that this is a dream of mine, to have my own family. I still don’t know whether to get married, really my way of thinking is that one does not need a ring to commit to someone. Is more, a link between hearts that have a simple ring”.

The romance of Maluma and Natalia

The model and the singer met during the recording of the video of “Happy 4” and shortly after started a romance.

Although they had already been captured by the paparazzi, it was not until April of 2018 that Maluma official his romance with Natalia through a publication in Instagram.

The interpreter shared a black and white image with Barulich and wrote: “You make Me smile”.

“I’m not married but I have a girlfriend”, he explained Maluma in an interview with Ebro Darden. “I met her was when we recorded the video, that was the first that I saw. I lent her my heart and have to take care of, but when you need it back I will have to return“.