The savagery that María Teresa Campos (and their daughters) have gained with the unique in a year


Carmen Borrego, Terelu Campos and María Teresa Campos

March 29, 2020
(14:10 CET)

Some years ago, María Teresa Campos was regarded as one of the journalists that better performance is achieved in terms of audiences. During a good part of his professional career, Fields was regarded as the queen of the morning either Antena 3 or in Telecinco.

However, a time came in which gave way to a new generation of communicators as Ana Rosa Quintana and Susana Grisothe queens now in the morning. It was then when, in spite of to continue working in television, Mary Teresa saw in the press of the heart a very good way to continue to maintain that brutal pace of life that was carrying her and her daughters.

Terelu Campos and María Teresa Campos

The large sum of The Fields

And it is that, today, The Fields (Mary Teresa, Terelu and Carmen Borrego) are one of the clans that more and better works at the level of tabloids. Different problems for those who have passed each and every one of them have caused many of the media who come to them in search of exclusive.

And that, as is well known by its followers, is a synonym of thousands of euros. In fact, it was none other than Save mea program in which the three worked, which has revealed the amount that they pocketed the three last year just for its unique in the magazines.

Terelu worried about her mother

With regard to María Teresa Campos, the program number in 40,000 euros their profits. His daughters raise that figure. Terelu pocketed 120,000 euros by its six exclusive while five of your sister Carmen he reported 100,000 euros. A total sum of Off 260,000 euros for one of the clans that more and better is knowing how to reinvent itself and find its place in the press of the heart.

Something that, taking into account the benefits achieved, it seems that they are going to continue to do. In the end, it is a very good way to keep connected, even indirectly, to their last show.