The talks with Rita Ora, the queen of pop: “I Want to be an example to follow for all women”


Interviewed in exclusive to the british singer that cup the list of success world

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Updated 25/09/2019 16:01

It is the british with more numbers one and actress Fifty shades of Grey: “I know you perceive me as a superstar, but for me everything is more simple: if I don’t do music, I go crazy”we account exclusive Rita Ora. We went to Berlin to interview the singer who has broken all records of success. So is Rita in the one to one.

Rita Ora (Kosova, 1990) has been doing music since I was 16 years old. Discovered by Jay-Z, the current husband of Beyoncé, was for a long time compared to Rihanna, maybe because of its looksperhaps for his irreverence. In 2012 he released his first album, Orathat broke records despite the fact that by then, Rita was still an unknown. But when he decided that he wanted to dedicate his entire life to music? “I think I knew this when I was 15 years old and I left the institute. I started in the school of music, and I said: Wow, this is what they wore looking for all my life!. I realize in the middle of the feast that Thomas Sabo has been organized in Berlin -in a church deconsecrated and converted into a private pool – to present it as the new face of the signature of jewelry. After a few spritzs and settling on a couch decides to teach me how to make the bow perfect while telling me: “Nothing of barber, girl“.

The German firm has inspired her to conceive of her latest collection, Magic Stones. “The jewelry I like because they are pure creativity and ambivalence, can be very subtle and discrete and at the same time extravagant. And that is also part of my personalityof who I am as a fashion icon, as a woman and as a singer. So that everything would fit when I made the proposal.” Decides, also, to teach me the many supplements that has chosen to finish off her look, even if it costs you to pick your favorite. “I love to combine several strings into a single necklace… even though a lot (laughter). In fact, it is my creation favorite right now. Give me your mobile and I send you a photo.” So it was as we started to make scroll on your iPhone, while you wondered if you ever imagined that you would come up here.

Rita Ora is well aware that many do not find their calling before 30… and so many others, in reality, not the are never. “I’m very fortunate to have a passion and able to have a life dedicating myself to it. And I assure you that I have not accommodated”. Has been achieved, before the age of 30, being the british (lives in London since she was a year, when her family fled the former Yugoslavia) with more number one in the list of hits. “I like to sing since I was 6 years old. Intoned the chorus, imitating my favorite singers… I Felt that it was part of my nature”, he says while placing the opening of her dress, iridescent, own red carpet. “So how natural was it for you?”, wonder. “Yes, I know that you perceive me as a superstar, but for me it boils down to that if I don’t do music, I go crazy”.

The musical style of Rita Ora has evolved so much this time as it has done herself. “When I launched my first album was 20 years old. Now I have 28. And with age I have also learned to accept myself and to feel more comfortable in my skin”. I see there an opportunity to probe the topic a feminist, by this artist’s struggle and it means: “Being a woman, as you know, is not easy. And less in this world in which we live. So not only do I want to inspire my fans, but to anyone who listens to my songs or read this interview. I want to be an example to follow for other women. Even if it is through a gem which helps you to feel confident in yourself: any thing that will help you to find happiness is important…”.

The eye of Horus, one of the references of the Ancient Egypt in the new...
The eye of Horus, one of the references of the Ancient Egypt in the new collection from Thomas Sabo Thomas Sabo

But it wasn’t always so sure of who he was or what he wanted. For years she felt trapped for a record label that didn’t trust in the music we made but also not let her go. Finally, in 2018, could be publish Phoenixhe emerges from the ashes and that depression that he suffered, like the phoenix that is spoken of in the title of the album ended up throwing it to stardom. “My I 16 would say to him: Have patience. Facing your fears, because sometimes the fears steal our lives and we do what we love by paralysis. Surround yourself with good people, that will help you on your path and push you forward”. At this time, Rita makes the gesture of giving a scourge and dies of laughter under the watchful eyes of her press agent, who “rebukes” his naturalness with the look. “Come on!“. Once more, this girl shows that under layers of makeup and dresses shimmering sequins, is a young man with a rebellious irreverent.

Rita Ora has achieved, with only two albums in the market, be the british that more songs have had in the top ten. “It’s crazy, but I have the example of other women who inspire me, like Cher, Madonna, Lady Gaga -that at this moment is an example for all, in all areas-Billie Eilish or even actresses such as Judy Garlandwhich is a benchmark for me. There are a variety of female characters that I admire for being themselves. Breaking records is great, but I hope that this is only the beginning: there is still much to be done“. Your reference to an actress did not go unnoticed, although the singer does not want to (or can’t) talk in detail about his career in the interpretation: Rita has made some inroads in the film, the more high-profile, as a sister of the protagonist of Fifty shades of Grey.

What has come to the artist at the end of the road? Or a lot less. “My favorite song, Let you love meI represents to me, looking at me in the mirror and saying: Ok Rita, it’s time to grow a god-damned time. I composed it in a moment of clairvoyance, to understand who I am and what I want to do with my career, with my time, with my life. And with my last album, PhoenixI have overcome all of my fears: after so long without posting I have launched a complete job. What I have achieved. And now I do not think to stop!“.