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March 28, 2020 (10:16 CET)

The Salmonella it is a disease associated with a bacterium that affects the gut. It can occur in people and animals, causing the risk of death. The name already cause fear, and eggs have been historically linked to this bacterial condition. Finally, the advancement of technology has brought a trick to avoid the risk of food poisoning from the eggs.

The first thing that we must know, is that the eggs, despite being the main food statistically that has transmitted Salmonella, it is not the only one, because you can also be present in dairy, chicken, pig, among others.

Today there is a policy of vaccination for the hens, but in some situations it may not be 100% effective, so it is not taking the necessary precautions.

A common question is why not just wash the eggs to remove the bacteria? The answer is simple, because this it does not reduce the risk that the bacteria is present, in fact, it enlarges exponentially according to the research.

To finish with all of these uncomfortable issues and concerns, there is a trick that has been developed by an australian university very interesting.

wash eggs never

Trick against Salmonella

The Flinders University proved after an investigation, that the Salmonella in raw eggs can be avoided completely by using vacuum cooking.

The sous-vide are the elements that allow to carry raw eggs in vacuum at a temperature of 57 °C for 9 minutes exacteliminating any trace of the bacteria. It sounds simple and it is also in practice.

A progress that is worth to know and to apply from now on in our kitchen. We’ll see how fast it is used matter-of-factly. It should be mentioned that the appointed sous-vide are normally used for the meat to preserve your proteins to be cooked.

Ended the hazard to eat a egg with Salmonella.