Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson back in the united States after recovering from COVID-19


Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, are back at their home in the united States after being diagnosed with COVID-19, better known as coronavirusduring your vacation.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson back in the united States after recovering from COVID-19

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson returning to the united States

The actor who gave life to iconic characters such as Forrest Gump and Walt Disney, was in Australia vacationing with his wife, Rita Wilson when they gave positive evidence of COVID-19.

Now Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have been able to return to his native united States, after being discharged from an australian hospital last march 17, and remain in quarantine voluntarily in your home.

“Hello friends, we are home now, and like the rest of America follow resguardandonos at home and distanciandonos socially. Many thanks to everyone in Australia who took care of us. Your care and guidance have made possible our return to the united States and many thanks to all of you who sent their best wishes”.

Tom Hanks recovers from COVID-19

The news of the spread of COVID-19 Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson was released on the 11th of march, they remained hospitalized in a hospital in Australia while they were in the phase in which they could infect others.

“Hello friends. Rita Wilson and I want to thank all the people here (Australia) who have been looking after us very well […] We have COVID-19 and we are in isolation to not pass it on to anyone else. There are some people that you could develop a very serious disease”.

On his return to America, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson asked the people to follow the indications of the health experts to avoid spreading the COVID-19.

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Currently, the united States – the country to which you have returned, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson -registers around 85.990 confirmed cases of COVID-19, while in Australia there are more than 3,000 infected, with the highest concentrations of cases in New South Wales and Victoria.