Yuliett Towers in the bed as well (and everyone looks at the same site)


The decision to stay home is an important step that they are meeting most of the artists. Yuliett Towers, apparently, decided to join the initiative, giving the best example and contributing in the struggle of all.

This has not prevented him from staying in contact with internet users. For the last photo bomb that he left in your account of Instagram, appeared wearing lingerie in cotton lycra color gray, which accelerated the pulses of their fans. Got more than 120 thousand likes with this publication, full of intemperance, which shows its physical state, with an abdomen, and a figure of film.

It is evident that the fitness will not abandon her, sharing with people the routines to keep them dynamic. In addition, viewers can enjoy images of this beautiful mexican model being in the house. Yuliett Torres is still with the firm mission of love to the world little by little.

Liposculpture of Yuliett Towers

Yuliett has revealed one of her beauty secrets best kept. A lot of people asked if we had “really sore” the prosthesis of buttocks, to which she immediately responded that it had no prosthesis. In a video published, tells his followers how to resorted to liposuction to shape your body. The process consisted of the extraction of fat in the abdomen area, managing to define your waist and make it smaller, later, that fat was injected into her buttocks to give more volume.

Of course, Torres insists that all of this work there is to keep it and she manages to force a lot of exercise, otherwise, you may lose all of the aesthetic work. He also added that he likes to have more developed legs and derrier, in relation to the upper part of your body, for this reason, the emphasis in exercise of squats, with leg elevation, squat, sumo, among others. For Yuliett Towers the beauty is struggle.