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Adele turned 31 years old on the 5th of may, and celebrated the style superstar: in a mansion in Beverly Hills with a theme party inspired by The great Gatsby of the which have hardly transcended images because, apparently, until the guests had to leave the phone in the door. It was not the anniversary; the singer later explained on Instagram that I was looking forward to leave behind a difficult year —marked by the breakdown of her marriage to Simon Konecki— and it has been proposed to devote the next to love yourself more. “Learn how to love really yourself is everything, and I understand that is more than enough,” he wrote. But in the post also slid a phrase which gives to understand that he is preparing a new album: “Gang of f * * * ing wild, 30 will be a disk of drum and bass for fastidiaros”. Adele has titled his previous albums with the age that he was when he composed (19, 21, and 25), so that 30 it would fit in the pattern. What is not so clear is the identity of the “wild” that aims to “bully”, but it could be a joke aimed at those who are rubbing their hands at the prospect of another album written with a broken heart, as the best-selling 21, which included songs of love Someone Like You or Rolling in the Deep. The drum and bassnor is it precisely the musical genre with which to identify their fans.

On the 19th of April, representatives of Adele confirmed with a terse statement that she and the father of her child were no longer together: “Adele and her partner have separated. Are committed to raising their son together, with love. As always, ask for privacy. There will be No more comments”.

The former spouse first met in 2011, they had Angelo in 2012 and married in secret years after, although not made public until the gala of the Grammy 2017. Konecki has 45 years old, studied at Eton at the same time that Tom Parker-Bowles and in 2015 he left investment banking for the non-profit sector. Today is the CEO of the NGO Drop4Drop, which seeks to alleviate the shortage of water.

Adele with Simon Konecki at the Grammy awards 2013.

Adele with Simon Konecki at the Grammy awards 2013. CORDON PRESS

The Times he pointed out that Adele could lose half of his fortune (amounting, according to the latest The Sunday Times Rich List, to about 175 million euros) at the hands of Konecki if the divorce is resolved in California without a prenuptial agreement, but sources at E! they declared that they try a break-friendly for the sake of his son: “it Is very unlikely that the thing is put ugly”.

Adele Adkins was born in Tottenham, London, in 1988. His mother, Penny, was with 18 years and his father ended up disappearing from the map. Penny’s snuck into concerts since he was very small, and Adele grew up in a room lined with posters of the Spice Girls. Today, alternating with the Beckhams, is intimate through Hollywood (Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Lady Gaga…), was elected as a Member of the Order of the British Empire by prince Charles, has sold about 100 million albums, won 15 Grammys (in addition to many other awards, including the Oscar) and has beaten so many records in music that you probably long ago stopped counting them. And the most striking thing is that all this has gotten without getting away excessively from the reality.

Because Adele still gives interviews in which there is silent nothing, and loose a taco after another. Is the star capable of carrying pies to the firefighters who fought the fire in Grenfell, stroll with their son dress, Anna (from the movie Frozen), ordained reverend to officiate the gay wedding of his best friend, and admitting that you have problems with your image, but not let it rule your life. Beyoncé described her as “the person more humble that I have known” and, even though Adele says not to hate fame, has confessed that it scares you to be carried away by its toxic side and take it for granted that others will do things for her. As once, in the middle of a whirlwind of 21, in the that he was angry because I had no clean clothes and no one had washed it: “in The end I told myself that I was worth to get myself to do my puñetera casting”.

Life, shielded from her son Angelo

In 2015, Adele said in Rolling Stonethat his partner had been digested very well on his fame: “My previous boyfriend was uncomfortable with my success, and with having to me with so many people”.

Adele and Simon Koneck have shielded the privacy of your child and came to denounce, with success, an agency that photographed without permission. At the beginning the artist was reluctant even to confirm your name, although the tattooing “Angelo” on the hand left a trail clear enough. However, who has spoken often of the lights and shadows of motherhood, and in The Guardian delved into her postpartum depression: “I felt very inadequate; it seemed to me that he had made the worst decision of my life.”