Alexa Dellanos presumed her bottom with bathing suit and in the bed


Alexa Dellanos it has been characterized by its sensual image that you exposed in your social networks. The daughter of Myrka Dellanos has over 1 million followers that continue to see their piquant publications, and this week brought a pleasant surprise.

Within their Instagram Stories, Alexa shared a video where he is seen lying on his bed and garbed in a suit of black bathroom. So it was like Dellanos gave the “good night” to all his fans showing their hot body and her voluminous rear.

The model of Instagram has no power appearing with very little clothing, since the tiny clothes are their favorite to publish in the social network.

Alexa Dellanos and your bathing suit / Photo: Instagram

On their European vacation, perched at the side of a swimming pool with a bathing suit that drew your curves to perfection.

Alexa knows how to look sexy to the delight of their fans who like to see their photos bold.