Anahí relive Mia Colucci go Back to singing save me!


If Anahí he is remembered for a particular project, that is without a doubt “rebel”, a project in which she participated for several years, and that in the last few months, the members have caused a lot of nostalgia to his followers to have performed several winks, alluding to the series.

Now it was Anahí who decided to revive Mia Colucci, because through their stories of Instagram we got to see the famous going-to-interpret “Save me” as alluding to the quarantine, in collaboration with a page of memes in Instagram called “memelas de orizaba”.

In this video we can see Anahí comfortable in your house enjoying the quarantine, and began to sing a capella for the iconic song of Mia Colucci “Save me” because that song was played, only his character, and the rest of the band did the backing vocals only.

The video has reached the reaction of hundreds of fans, who expressed their gratitude to Anahi by bringing you back to Mia Colucci.

The nostalgia of RBD

In recent months there has been talk of a course reunion of RBD, and that is that it all started when Maite Perroni was visiting with the scorpion gold, and spoke on if you would like a reunion with his companions.

Finally, on the eve of new year, we were able to see a photo where appear the 6 members of RBD embracing, the photo went viral and caused nostalgia among fans of the series.

Shortly after they returned to share another image of the reunion, so that internet users demand a concert by the return, as we have done in other bands such as OV7, or Kabah.

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So soon, Anahí has caused the sensation by sharing his video singing Salvame, because it is fair as well as all his fans will feel when you pass this pandemic locked up at home.