Andrea Legarreta shared hard message on Instagram: “we are Not chairos or fifis”


Andrea Legarreta managed to cause a big fuss in their social networks after sharing a hard message to the mexican people about the crisis the world is experiencing today because of the coronavirus, where the driver pointed out that we must be united.

Let us remember that it is not the first time that Andrea Legarreta is concerned by the pandemic Coronavirus in Mexico, by what we have seen share different messages in your account Instagramhowever this time she managed to cause a great scandal by his hard message.

This message from Andrea Legarreta was one of the moments most opportune time, just when the Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion of the mexican government, Dr. Hugo López Gatell, announced that we are on the right time to prevent the pandemic of Covid-19 is becoming a problem in our country.

  • “We are not chairos or fifis, we are Mexico. Each who, from his trench do everything possible to protect us from everyone, for looking after us”

It was part of the message of Andrea legarreta which then continued by mentioning that is the time to have empathy with the people affected, and follow the directions of health to combat the Covid-19.

Also the host of Televisa pointed out that the pandemic is not a matter of politics, religion, social class or ideology, since it is a topic that it is incumbent upon us all. So who invited the mexican people to join in this fight against the Coronavirus.

Andrea Legarreta shared hard message on Instagram

It is worth mentioning that this message of Andrea Legarreta was accompanied with a crude image of the flag of mexico, next to a strong legend that says “Italy and Spain would do anything for to go back two weeks, we are in this moment.”

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Let us remember that these european countries have been one of the places most affected by the pandemic Coronavirus Covid-19, where even the number of infected has surpassed the capacity of health care, which has had terrible results, causing the death of thousands of people.