Animated movie of Kelly Clarkson teaches children that beauty is only superficial | Trends


“UglyDolls”, the new musical animated STX Films that highlight the importance of hugging in spite of the differences, and encourages them to extend love to all, regardless of differences.

“This film is about going beyond what we see and find what is inside of each person and get to know them,” said director Kelly Asbury to The Christian Post.

Based on a popular line of plush toys released in 2001, “UglyDolls” follows Moxy (Kelly Clarkson) and his friends as they venture beyond their city. Unlike Uglyville, where differences are celebrated and the strange thing is special, the people of Perfection are obsessed with appearances, led by Lou (Nick Jonas). Here, the dolls are trained to become perfect before they graduate and are sent to the real world to find the love of a child.

For the first time in his life, the UglyDolls must face what it means to be different, to struggle with his desire to be loved and find that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be amazing.

Asbury, who is also behind a large amount of animated films that include “Gnomeo and Juliet” and “Shrek 2,” said that this lesson is relevant to audiences of all ages, not only for children.

“I think that children have over adults when they are young; “They did not enter the world by being judgmental, walk the world with an open mind and are innocent about things,” he said. “Sometimes, that’s a good thing. I think it’s about keeping open minds instead of closing them”.

With a classification of general public and an important message UglyDolls is a option family that we can’t stop watching. It will be available in all cinemas from 16 may.


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