Are you thinking of Hailey Baldwin in retrieve this drastic hair cut?


Of Kendall Jenner to Gigi Hadidthere are many models and celebrities that, from time to time, share some of their photos and more tender. Images that show how they were several years ago, being still girls, and when no one knew them. The latest to join this trend has been Hailey Bieberthat several months ago already published two old photographs and now wanted to share with his fans an image of the most sweet in which she appears dressed in a minidress of flowers, a knit jacket red with cactus embroidery and a bag of velvet, raising the index finger in sign of warning.

Hailey Baldwin small

At that time, the woman of Justin Bieber lucy a hair cut bob at the height of the chin, with bangs straight and a tone, light brown. A type of hairstyle which is having great success among the experts in fashion. If just two weeks ago Kaia Gerber came to pass by the hairdresser to get a bowl cut with the same length all over the head and Bella Hadid pointing to this trend with a look more casual, doña Letizia dare with a fake bob.

Kaia Gerber

The fact that Hailey share this image seems to indicate that the model is thinking of passing by the barber shop and sign up to the fashion trend. However, the description that accompanies the picture indicates just the opposite. “Phew…That hair cut!”wrote the mannequin, which only a month denying the rumors about a possible pregnancy. Since some time ago, the model sports a mean hair that is usually combed with a strip in the middle and natural waves, a result of letting your hair grow after dare with a cut midi it’s been a couple of years.

Hailey Baldwin

However, and despite you have dyed the hair pink on several occasions, Hailey is one of the models more stable in courts is concerned. And, according to what we have been able to deduce from their statements in this image is so tender, it appears that it will remain so for a while.