As God brought the world into the quarantine! Last photo


March 30, 2020
(14:40 CET)

As expected, there are many celebrities that are sharing with their followers how they are spending this quarantine caused by the coronavirus. Both at national level as international, stars such as Cristina Pedroche, Jennifer Lopez, Georgina Rodriguez or Emily Ratajkowski, flip to social networks to share their day-to-day with their followers.

Yes, each one of them seems to be following the same patterns they were before the drama that is assuming the COVID-19. In the case of the model american as well and have been able to prove its more than 25 million followers Instagram, Emily still committed to the sensuality.

The photo of Emily Ratajkowski

While it is true that recently hung a picture of recognizing that he misses being able to go out for the city with your dog, it has been the last image is the one that, obviously, has put his mind upside down.

Among other things, because in it we see Emily as God brought the world. Yes, as tends to be usual, the model plays with the light and, in this case, with a curtain of his house, to show that it carried nothing of clothing, without losing the sensuality and the mystery.

An image that, taking into account how much they like this kind of photos their followers, has not made another thing that to become a viral phenomenon in only a few hours.

There are already more than 1.5 million likes that has gained Emily in less than a day, as well as thousands of comments in which, of course, is its sensuality the main theme among his followers.

It is bestial”, “One of your best photos Emily”, “I love it because it is super sensual without being too obvious”, “Emily is a goddess, you look for where you look”, “I alucino with this woman”, “For something is one of the models most sought after in the networking…” or “my Mother if it is that you can not be more perfect” are some of the many comments in this line.