Attention! Do you eat rice? This poison makes him so dangerous (and is there a trick to remove it)



March 29, 2020
(10:17 CET)

The rice on our plates is the perfect complement for its easy preparation and good taste. However, there is a poison that can contain and that makes him so dangerous, putting in doubt that it is a good choice. Fortunately, there are tricks to remove the damaging agent and that everything is back to normal in our kitchen. Attention to the technique so you don’t have to worry about again because of the risks.

Speaking of the poison that makes it dangerous for the rice, it appears the inorganic arsenic. It is an element that is found in the environment as a result of fuel and ends up coming to different areas of cultivation.

The Spanish Agency of Food Safety and Nutrition does not hesitate to warn that: “Because arsenic can be absorbed by some plants, such as rice, a high concentration of arsenic in the soil can lead to high levels of this metalloid in feed and food“.

Recipe of white rice 1

But what is the risk? The risk lies in the fact that it is considered carcinogenic. The International Agency for Research on Cancer notes that: “In addition to skin cancer, prolonged exposure to arsenic can also cause cancers of bladder and lung“. Nothing encouraging to the panorama of not taking immediate action.

How to reduce the arsenic in rice?

Are 3 tricks that you can use to get a headache with this food. The University of Jadavpur in India, recommended simply wash the rice, until you see clear water come outthis form will be discarded and 28% of the damaging agent. As a second trick, it should be left in water for more than 8 hours to extract impurities. And, finally, the third way is prepare the rice with excess of waterjumping the general rule of development.

Health should be the priority and, if with these easy tricks for the rice it is possible to minimize a risk, there is not much to think of to begin applying them.