Belinda BURSTS into tears for a very strong reason You’ll be to move!


Belinda is a famous singer that has managed to stay current in the world of music and recently shared through their stories of Instagram strong messages related to the coronavirus.

The most surprising thing is that Belindaalthough revealed to be a person quite reserved, human as we are joined to the suffering of the people, did not endure his speech and ended up bursting into tears.

The tears of Belinda in his message for the coronavirus

Remember that Belinda has her family in Madrid, where the situation by talking with your mom and commenting that his grandmother of 87 years is sick but not by the COVID-19 but for other diseases you have.

It should also be noted that the situation in Spain was bad enough, that totaled thousands and thousands of people who have lost their lives due to this pandemic, and that in Mexico we do not caring as it was due and that compared to european countries we didn’t have the half of capacity that they to be able to help so many people.

That is why Belinda, while talking, although the camera at no time did a close up you could see how he wiped a tear from his eyes so affected that looked to give his message to his followers on Instagram.

The actress also believes that the cases of infection in Mexico will be superior to the Spanish since that’s still a lot of people are out of their homes, without taking the proper precautions, and that even many people took it as a game, sharing memes.

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There is No doubt that Belinda is worried not only for his family, but by everyone, by all humanity and not sure what to think, if this virus is created, or where she went; she also worried that the mexicans are not taking seriously this pandemic, are therefore invited to protect themselves and to take care of every one, especially the most vulnerable.