Belinda: Very scared asks not to joke about the coronavirus, and Her uncle is sick!


Belinda he was very scared when talking of the situation before the coronavirus in Spain, and how it might affect Mexico, also revealed that his uncle could be contagious, so I asked the support from fans.

Belinda: Very afraid to talk about the coronavirus and their affected family members

The stories of Instagram of Belinda

Through their stories Instagram, Belinda assured that this very frightened by the pandemic coronavirus and related the situation facing his family, who reside in Madrid, Spain.

“It seems to Me that this is not the time of thinking all the day in exercise, food, recipes, or dances to Tik Tok or jokes of the COVID-19”.

Belinda is 30 years old and explained how they live the situation of their family members in Spain, being the most troubling of his uncle, 87 years of age, who could be contagious coronavirus.

“Every day the situation in Spain is getting worse. There are thousands of dead, mile […] I had never been so worried in my life. Not only for my grandmother, my dad, my uncle Pepe who is also in a house of assistance with other oldies and today we reported that best has COVID-19”.

The message of Belinda to Mexico

In several stories of Instagram, Belinda turned to his fans all over the world, but mainly mexicans, who sought to take seriously the pandemic coronavirus and not to make jokes about it.

“We’re not being aware. What is going on in the world is not a joke. They are dying thousands of people in the world and we are going up things laughing and joking and games.”

In addition, Belinda asked the mexicans to follow the indications of the authorities to prevent the coronavirus from spreading to a greater speed and thus avoid falling into a situation of crisis countries like Spain and Italy.

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“(the crisis COVID-19) In Mexico is going to be worse […] We do not have the infrastructure, staff, equipment, doctors. We don’t have even half of what they have in other countries. How are you going to do?” said Belinda.