Cecilia Galliano receives hundreds of compliments by getting a tan in sexy bikini


The beautiful host of Televisa, Cecilia Galliano has wild hormones of his thousands of followers Instagram; for which, he received hundreds of compliments, since you bragged about your sexy way to tan in a sensual bikini that taught her a deep neckline that has made the sigh more than one.

It is no secret that the argentina Cecilia Galliano it is considered to be one of the sexiest women of tv in Latin america. 38 year-old has a sculptural anatomy that leaves you speechless more than a million followers on his account of Instagram, where the artist boasts of its more provocative and revealing photos.

The former host of “Sabadazo” at the time, was also a prominent model for its exotic beauty; however, Cecilia is also an actress, continues to retain its magnificent figure with stunning curves that love to their fans of social networks.

Cecilia Galliano bikini

The former couple Sebastian Rulli could be a great competition for Angelique Boyer, as Cecilia Galliano has a toned and firm silhouette that lifts sighs. Although she is the mother of 2 children, it seems that the years and pregnancies that would not have affected the driver of “Go with everything”, since that can boast that it is still a beautiful and sexy femininity.

On this occasion, the driver put on a mini bikini very revealing as it passes quarantine; Cecilia Galliano then laid down on the grass to catch some sun and tan her golden skin. With these spectacular images, the fans were even more intrigued so I decided to give him hundreds of compliments, praising how good it looks.

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Even the sensuality of the model and conductor, was recognized for her “best friend”, the actor Julio Camejo, who left a flirty comment on the publication of Cecilia Galliano, following increasing rumours of romance between the two stars of Televisa.

Julio Camejo told Cecilia Galliano/Photo: Instagram

Julio Camejo told Cecilia Galliano/Photo: Instagram