Chris Hemsworth has published an in house training to get you in shape in quarantine


Since the quarantine will continue in the foreseeable future, we all have enough time to make sure that we get out of the self-isolation with muscles that would make even Thor is jealous. To encourage people to stay in shape during the next few weeks at home, Chris Hemsworth had already offered six weeks free your app fitness Centr. Now, the actor, who stresses the importance of “our physical activity, our movement, our nutrition and also our mental strength” he has published in his Instagram a workout at home to start your fitness journey.

Chris Hemsworth has published a training for those who want to stay in shape during self-isolation

The training consists of six repetitions of the same circuit. If your living room is not as well equipped as the gym and do some dumbbell, Hemsworth offers alternatives such as bottles of laundry detergent or a laundry basket full of clothes to complete the exercises. You can adapt the workout according to what you have at home, proving that you don’t need a gym to continue to be active during the quarantine period.

“I have not seen any video of the training at home recently, so I would like to be the first to post one”, writes the actor with irony. Then, Hemsworth reminds us of you sign on to Centre before 31 march to receive six weeks free of your app to enjoy more sessions of exercise as well.

The famous during the pandemic

If videos of fitness does not interest you, Chris Hemsworth is not the only famous use of Instagram to offer entertainment to your league of followers during the quarantine period. For the parents exhausted, actresses Jennifer Garner, Amy Adams and Reese Witherspoon have teamed up to publish a series of videos in which they read aloud bedtime stories (and for the parents to have a little time to sleep, too).

To spread the positivity during these times of uncertainty, the actress and singer Miley Cyrus has submitted a few live videos on Instagram in which account of the good news of the world instead of concentrating on the negativity and the fear that us is encircling. One of his recent collaborations with Demi Lovato was seen by approximately 50 million viewers.

Even Madonna, one of the most famous artists of today he has taken his talents to Instagram to post a series called “The daily quarantine”a collection of videos wonderfully rare in the singing versions comic of his songs or reflects on the current situation.