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“The floor is lava”. So he has titled Justin Bieber a fun video where you see him jumping across different spaces of your home, while making efforts not to touch the floor.

As you recall, this was a challenge that was fashionable in 2017. In that time, millions of users in social networks published their attempts to move from one place to the other without touching the floor. Now the interpreter of “Baby” has restarted the challenge as long as it meets the social isolation with his wife.

YOU CAN SEE Justin Bieber takes advantage of the quarantine to compose new themes

At 26 years old, Justin Bieber is one of the musical artists most successful in the world.

In the images, it will be appreciated to the canadian singer giving jumps on a couch and a chair, and then set up a skateboard and get to your room. At the end, when he is ready to meet the challenge by landing in her bed, stumbles and loses balance.

“I’ve lost!”, listening to sorry to Justin Bieber to suffer a fall. Before this, his girlfriend Hailey Baldwin encourages you, while still getting it all on video. “Sweetheart, you were extremely close,” he tells her.

YOU CAN SEE Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin do quarantine in Canada for fear of the coronavirus

Lazy loaded component

As we learned recently, in mid-march the couple Bieber moved from Los Angeles to Canada to pass the quarantine and to protect yourself from coronavirus. There the lead singer has a mansion away from the city and the conglomeration of people, according to information from a source to the magazine People.

The official reports from the country claim that, to date, some 6000 canadians have contracted the COVID-19. Also, the deaths caused by the virus add up to 61.