Danna Paola and the cast of Elite launches a surprise music video


The members of Elitethe series of Netflix, have shared a video in which they appear as actors, producers, cameramen and the production team, playing a song of support, because of the pandemic by the Covid-19.

In the video out personalities as Danna Paola, Ester Exposito, Claudia Salas, Alvaro Rico, Miguel Bernardeau, and other members of Elite, who just weeks ago gave us its third season, which has positioned itself among the favorite series in spain and Latin america.

In that sense, members of the Elite appear singing the song “The moment” of the blue house, which just gives a message of peace, love and harmony.

The video has made hundreds of reproductions on the part of the followers of the members of Elite, who have not stopped commenting on how interesting it has been to see them all gathered in one video, they were recording each one in their homes,

Check out the video of Elite

In fact, this video is part of the campaign “I’m staying at Home”, because this is the most important measure to prevent the Coronavirus, a disease that is currently affecting the whole world.

Spain, the place where it develops Elite, is one of the places that more have been affected because of this coronavirus, and many people are dying in that country, while in Mexico, instead of where it is coming from Danna Paola, who by the way already has over 20 million followers on instagram.

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It is for this reason that the actors and producers Elite have considered that the best way to give courage to his followers, it was with a video like this.