Daughter of Niurka Marcos are tanning your body in a bikini ¡Beauty!


The daughter of Niurka Marcos overflowed sensuality in the social networks to show off your curves with a light and tiny garment, for the young man now that he has managed to lose some pounds, enjoying show off their curves with little clothing.

Romina has followed the footsteps of her famous mom and that is why, from the comfort of your home, enjoy a tan body wearing a tiny bikini of wire; the young youtuber has captivated thousands of users.

The daughter of the vedette cubana took advantage of the weather of this new season of spring, so do not hesitate to show off the spectacular physique that you have, after months of workouts and diets.

The young man has had a drastic physical change, because some time ago I had a few extra pounds, but now that he decided to change his style of life, has managed to freak out the guys with curves infarction.

In the recent snapshot, which climbed to Instagram, the daughter of Niurka Marcos showed he is all a girl fitness, now sports a marking body, remains the envy of many women who want to look the physical of the youtuber.

Romina raised the temperature on Instagram

Even some internet users have compared to Romina with her mom; as commented on that as well lucy the famous when I was young; it seems that the actress youth has inherited the beauty of the cuban.

“Gorgeous”, “Beautiful as always, Romi”, “You are like a lot of your mom”, “Beautiful”, “That admiration I feel for you”, “What a body”. Were some of the comments that you sent them to the young.

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The faithful fans of the daughter of Niurka Marcos were fascinated to see the sexy looks of the young youtuber, because of their young age has managed to surprise the users with its drastic physical change.

Photo: Instagram.