“Even the darkest night ends with the rising of the sun”


The cuban actress Yuliet Cruz it has become one of the country’s artists more example of responsibility and social conscience has been demonstrating through their social networks since they began to sound the first alarm of contagion within the country because of the spread of coronavirus.

The artist and her partner, the cuban singer Leoni Torresthey stepped to the front and with his family isolated in his home of Havana, reducing to the maximum any type of contact with the outside world.

Now, from the quarantine, Yuliet has wanted to launch a message of encouragement and support to all of their followers, ensuring that this nightmare will end soon, because even in the darkest night, always comes out the sun. To accompany his words full of vibes positive, the actress shared a picture of it in portrait mode and which, apart from its beauty and naturalness, highlighted by a flash of light that is reflected in his long hair black.

“We’re going to get out of this. Even the darkest night ends with the rising of the sun,” said the actress next to the post.

A few days ago, when they began to be reported the first cases of coronavirus in Cuba, the artist showed his concern and unease in social networks by how it will affect the pandemic to the people of the country.

“I don’t even want to think what awaits us in Cuba with a pandemic of this kind, because it would be a real tragedy. In my house, the customs have changed these days. I talk to my friends on the phone. I go out to do whatever is necessary and return. My older son at school, what can I disinfect and the little one is at home,” he said in his day.

However, everything seems to indicate that currently Yuliet has found a bit of peace among so much chaos, as the same had been done by other artists of the island who have been sending your audience your support and best wishes from the quarantine of your home.

One of them has been the also cuban actress Tahimi Alvariño, who a few days ago also threw a few words of encouragement and full of good vibes, in which we invited their followers to assess and better appreciate the small things in life.

“And that day will come, when we kiss, embrace, unite. Stronger, more committed, more aware, more authentic. Appreciating every instant, every moment, every beat of our heart. That day will come and we will have changed and we will have found the meaning of life, which is nothing other than to live it from the dictates of our soul,” wrote Tahimi next to a photograph in which he is sitting in the garden of his house accompanied by his son Diego.