Georgina Rodriguez revolutionizes the networks doing fitness. Photo of last time


March 29, 2020
(11:59 CET)

After that Georgina Rodriguez to generate a fuss about being captured out of your house in times of quarantine to go shopping, seems to have understood the message. The beautiful model, and a pair of Cristiano Ronaldo now it is passing the days at home, which has taken the opportunity to revolutionize the networks doing fitness. Attentive to the photo of last time you will see.

In sportswear, Georgina showed that it does not intend to spend the days of quarantine without doing anything, for this reason, put hands to the work to perform exercises. Before you begin, you took the feature selfie where left to see the body with that account. A work of art that clears the questions of why CR7 has left in love with immediately.

The lilac color you feel of wonder to his tone of foot. Though certainly anything that you choose to use will be strengthened by its exotic beauty.

It came out a much better influencer to stay in the house, in fact, I forgot what that is lived by the coronavirus and sent a message that enhances the work of the medical staff in the world.

Georgina Rodriguez note to the heroes without a layer

Not long in referring to the so-called heroes without a layer with the following message posted on their networks: “The real heroes do not wear layer. Our Heroes wear a gown, gloves, masks, and Ppe. The doctors, nurses, psychologists and promoters struggle and risk their lives to save us”.

This was not all, because Georgina Rodriguez he added: “Millions of thanks to all the professionals of the health with his great work, vocation, solidarity, and love are fighting in this war against the COVID-19. We’re going to end up with this virus! Stay at home, please. Small actions save lives”. The most significant change that can be achieved at this time begins at the head of each person, and, to do so, soon everything will be a bad memory.