Hailey Baldwin defends Justin Bieber Taylor Swift; Cara Delevingne the fulminates


The american entrepreneur Scooter Braun, known for representing artists such as Justin Bieber and Ariana Grandeagreed buy for about 300 million dollars the music label Big Machine Label, recording on the famous names of the sector have their creations, among them Taylor Swift.

Swift, 29-year-old, reacted to the news on the social network Tumblr accusing the owner of Big Machine, Scott Borchetta, did not understand the “loyalty” beyond a contract, and Scooter Braun submitted to a “bullying (‘bullying’) incessant and manipulative” for years.

Due to the popularity of the singer and the “manager”, the news has generated reactions from other celebrities, the first of them to Justin Bieber because Swift illustrated with a photo of him how Braun harassed her together with another of his clients, rapper Kanye West.

Bieber apologized for taking so an action “insensitive” against Swift but defended Braun, as Borchettathat said he did not have “experienced” never the animosity of the singer by the manager and he said to trust that this will be a “keeper honest Taylor and his music.”

Hailey Baldwin supported the publication of her husband commenting on “Gentleman” (“Knight”, in Spanish), which generated various reactions among fans of the canadian singer. Some in favor and others against responded to what was said by the model, one of them was Cara Delevingne, who was very critical:

“I would like to spend less time defending the men and more time trying to understand women and respecting their valid reactions,” wrote the actress “Suicide Squad“.

Delevingne added in his comment to Baldwin should be standing up to the women instead of tear them down because they feel threatened.