“I now understand that I should not leave you alone and that the only thing that I want is to love you”


Many know that rare have been the occasions on which the popular cuban singer Ramon Wash, or simply Jackal, has resorted to social networks to talk about private matters and share moments of your sentimental life.

While in June 2018, “The Demon of Fame” made public his fleeting romance with the cuban living in Miami Claudia Hernandez, also known within the world of show business as “The Cat”, his relationship with the cuban Anisleidys Valdéshis girlfriend of many years, has been marked by the comings and goings and to erase all traces of your love on their profiles.

Now, however, all indications are that finally the interpreter The liar and Anisleidys, or Leidy, are enjoying the most of the opportunity that you gave in the love, in 2018, and together they are building a new chapter in their lives of which they feel very proud by reference to the maturity, affection and stability.

He has to know the own Jackal through a publication, which he did in the stories of his profile of Instagram, in that you could see the image at night of a table set in a garden, apparently, belonging to a romantic dinner that you enjoyed both in times of quarantine.

Next to the photo, the reguetonero and bachata shared a few intense statements where called Leidy, in which he assured that never should’ve left alone, that all he wants is to love her and was willing to start from scratch to his side.

“I now understand that I should not leave you alone and that the only thing that I want is to love you. Start from zero always by your side”, he wrote Jackal.

Jackal / Instagram

Leidy, for its part, reposteó in your account of Instagram the same publication of the singer so that all her admirers will appreciate the beautiful words that her boy had spent.

Unlike other couples of the showbiz Jackal and his girlfriend have never been very diligent to post moments together, hence that every time they do manage to draw the attention of more than one user.

The past month of October, 2019, Leydi went up to his profile of the above-mentioned social network, a video in which he appeared with the singer inside a recording studio and next to the audiovisual wrote: “He always has a plan for enloquecerme”, a statement that became automatically the focus of attention of a large part of the virtual environment of cuba.

Anisleydis Valdés / Instagram

Jackal and Leidy resumed their relationship in the mid of the year 2018 after the artist breaks with Claudia Hernandez. However, prior to the brief romance of the three months with “The Cat”, Jackal and Leidy were one of the couples most stable of the showbiz cuban, although always keeping her love away from the spotlight of the media.