“I’m tired of the masks”


Anuel AA has caused great uproar among their followers this weekend after having posted some strong statements on social networks, where it has broken out and launched against some of his peers in the music industry, who has strikethrough of “fools and hypocrites”.

“I don’t want to have friends in the industry,” said the puerto rican singer, who has not wanted to name names about the people they would be targeting these darts, but it has ruled out that the case of Daddy Yankee, Nicky Jam, Farruko, Ñengo, Kendo and Resident, to those who are considered friends.

“Let me still. You are weird, silly, and hypocritical. I can not go more against my ideals for a business,” he added, after naming his colleagues, without wanting to specify what it is that has disturbed you, and who has been responsible for his anger.

Screenshot Anuel AA

In addition, in other stories the interpreter of China added other names to his list of friends as J Balvin, Lunay, Jhay Cortez or Yandeldiscarding them to the people it was addressing.

“I’m tired of the masks, they do not stick to me anywhere you see me, seriously. Others unless we have business or something as well. Seriously, but I’m going to turn on the bad vibe of a”, he noted.

Screenshot Anuel AA

Until now, the boyfriend of Karol G has not specified from where is born the motivation to publish these stories, but it is evident that is annoying with some of their peers in the genre urban.

As A result of these messages, many of his followers and lovers of this style of music have not stopped speculating about the people they would be targeting these darts and many have pointed to the absence of names like Ozuna or Bad Bunnywith whom the puerto rican has always shown great affinity.

In fact, the publication of these strong messages coincided with the release of the last video clip of the Bad Bunny, I dirty dancing, singlethus , many pointed out that it might be him who is addressed in these texts, something that later Anuel AA refused in some tweets.

“What has that to do my history with the video Bad? Calm, to the next I make a map and a drawing to understand better the message is,” stated.

On the other hand, it is well known that does not have a good relationship with Maluma, who starred in a controversy a few months ago after include in a song the verse: “Never flow Maluma, always Real G”.

What will you do? Who do you think this is?