In the PSG fear that Mbappé looks like Neymar


Kylian Mbappé is acquiring a dimension of a maximum star in the PSG, which could bring negative effects. People close to the club fear that the young man 20 years of age with all the success additionally, it does not know how to channel the attention and finished taking bad decision, similar to what happened with Neymar.

The brazilian ace left the Barcelona where had it all, to seek a greater role, that is to say, to be the center of attention. This election meant a backspace important in his careeraway from your goal of being the best in the world.

Mbappé after the Champions League match against Bruges of Belgium, left a comment worrying: “I wanted to start. I thought of leaving home. It is coach’s decision and accept it. I wanted to show that it is difficult to do without me. It is not normal that the French striker be expressed in this way, which can be uncomfortable for the rest of their peers.

A former footballer as Christophe Dugarry I go through great teams like Milan and Barcelona, to name a few, think that Kylian is becoming self-centered and that can undermine your projection.

Mbappé is ‘Neymarizando’

It is a clumsiness. I’m a little hard, but I don’t want to break the dream with Mbappé. I believe it is a ‘Neymarizando’. It is perceived an individualistic approach to“, said Dugarry for RMC. In France they know that Mbappé is the best hope for a Gold Ball in the next few years, when the reign of Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi to finish. For this reason, they are afraid to lose the awesome projection of an element that still practically a youth already has a World Cup and a level of experienced.

Thomas Tuchel you will have the difficult task of keeping Mbappé with the feet on the ground and keep you from becoming the next Neymar.