It famous of Antenna 3 and him together! Mess of bed


March 29, 2020
(12:20 CET)

While it is true that Emma Garcia is one of the presenters of Telecinco that best controls everything that happens in their sets, regardless of the program, there are certain things that fall outside of its scope.

And one of them is what they saying out there their co-workers. In this case, the mess that has led to the presenter of Living the life don’t know how or where to get it is one of the names that is giving the talk Telecinco in recent times: Jose Antonio Aviles.

The mess of Jose Antonio Aviles

A Avilés that, being now one of the contestants of Survivorsprior to traveling to Honduras had starred in several moments controversial on the set of Living the life.

josé antonio avilés

A partner who is gaining weight in the chain and of that, how it was to expect, considering the interconnection that always exists (and that such a good performance gives the chain) among all programs Telecinco, are already appearing moments controversial of his past.

It was none other than Kiko Hernandez the one that pointed out recently that, in the past, Avilés was explaining that I had a mess of a bed with a famous presenter Antenna 3. Obviously Hernandez didn’t want to give the name, but, by the description he gave, in the networks, many pointed to the Jaime Campuzano.

The case is that, as explained Kikothe alleged affair (which was false) she ended up in the time in which the actual Campuzano demanded Avilés that put the brakes on the rumor invented. A mess, how not to, has left Emma Garcia with the mouth open. And is that, as is well known to the presenter, this kind of tricks is not that they are very well regarded in the world of the tabloids.

If there is a chain that facilitates the projection of the characters controversial that is Telecincotherefore Avilésthat is confirmed in Survivors that has the DNA for the mess that he so much likes to Vasile, you don’t need this type of false rumors.