“It’s tiny!”. Natti Natasha teaches it, and their fans hallucinating with your size


Natti Natasha

March 30, 2020
(18:43 CET)

These are not days easy for anyone, but particularly for Natti Natashawho seems not to have understood the concept of isolation. Many have been the criticisms that came to their nets exposed at times when the health should be maintained to the end. The followers expect to start to comply with what is indicated by the WHO and set an example to millions of people who take it as north.

The attention to this problem was diverted momentarily by an instant where the word tiny is the center of everything. Unlike their tiny bikinis always, this time the size that surprised was the of your dog. You see how the pet found a comfort huge in the hand of Natti.

To be honest, the looks were left in the dog a few seconds, because to see his owner any improvement. A body accompanied by tight clothing is what Natti Natasha boasts with a big smile. Dominican republic has a representative in terms of beauty and talent is still leaving a very high the name of the country. What you will find rival that comes close?

How is isolated Natti Natasha of the problems?

Faced with the pressure of the media and the public that is on the rise, the singer Without the pajamas you choose meditation as a defense mechanism.

The artist assures that: “Meditation is essential for mental health”. Their favorite place to practice this kind of relaxation exercises is the beach. A good way of keeping calm in front of so many problems that have come up with the worrying year 2020.

Artists such as Natti Natasha is important, so that good practices at a delicate time are replicated all over the world. While best practices are adopted, their return to the stage will be in a short period of time. Do you have any prepared a surprise after so much free time?