Jaime Camil will star in the series “Broke” on CBS ¡OMG!


Jaime Camil has left crazed to their millions of followers on social networks, then announce that the series “Broke” will be released on the 2nd of April; the project will be presented on the television network CBS.

Their 46 years of age, the mexican actor has managed to become one of the favorites of the tv, as the famous is remembered for having participated in the successful telenovelas like “por ella soy Eva” and “Fea más bella”.

The heartthrob of telenovelas of Televisa, is embarking on a new project in his career as an actor, because in this occasion you will use your skills of comedy for playing an interesting character.

History will show the experiences of a family that loses its fortune, and because of the situation that cross will have to live in the humble home of his sister-in-law and start a new life without the amenities that they had.

Will star in a series on CBS

In addition to entertaining the viewers with their characters in the melodramas, the actor Jaime Camil has also shown his facet as a film actor, as his recent project “Crazy for you” has had good reviews. The film was starred by the famous and Sandra Echeverría.

The actor has been very excited for this great opportunity to be part of a series that will be broadcast by the television channel CBS, even the famous has been sharing on Instagram some photos from the recording set of “Broke”.

We recall that the famous actor Jaime Camil few months ago, surprised its millions of fans by announcing his new YouTube channel; up to the time it takes more than 56 thousand subscribers.

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