Jennifer Lopez gets it and teaches it! Attention to XL size: you Last picture!


March 29, 2020
(11:40 CET)

Jennifer Lopez is, as the rest of the citizens of States United states as well as a good part of the world, through this quarantine caused by the coronavirus in your home. Yes, unlike the vast majority of its followers, the New York not that I have precisely problems of space or overpower your home. On the contrary.

As we have been able to see in your account of Instagram, he spends the days in the garden with a swimming pool in your home enjoying the good time with your children and your partner, Alex Rodriguez. But of course, this lack of concerts and shows JLo caused by the COVID-19, there are not a few of their followers who are turning to the networks in search of material of the Bronx.

The photo of Jennifer Lopez

That is why one of the last photos we did to Jennifer the paparazzi prior to commencement of the quarantine to be made viral. A picture in which we see Lopez coming out of the gym and wearing, as usual in it, leggings that do not otherwise promote their famous curves.

And is that if something knows how to do Jennifer Lopez is to take advantage of your curves. You know very well that there are many followers who continue to speak of her as one of the most sensual women in the world, and, bearing as a figure “spectacular”; does not hesitate to boast of it.

Among other things because, as has been again demonstrated with this photo, the flattery which takes each time he makes it are more numerous. In this photo, there have been many positive reviews that you can read on the forums and on social networks.

Comments such as “This woman is like good wine…as the years are passing by each time is better”, “I alucino with Jennifer Lopez”, “Brutal”, “I think that has been more,” “These hips are not of this world”, “Amazing” or “Jennifer Lopez is and will always be the queen” these are just some of them.