John Krasinski and Steve Carell “gather” to celebrate the 15th anniversary of ‘The Office’


Last may 24 was celebrated the 15th anniversary of the premiere on NBC’s ‘The Office’, the successful comedy led by Steve Carell that was nine seasons on the air, it was nominated for 42 Emmy awards, which took five, and has left a mark in the history of television. Share with ‘Friends’ the title of being a phenomenon now, in the age of streaming, and is one of the main strengths of the catalogue of Peacock, the future video on demand service of NBC.

The Office

In normal circumstances, a date so specified should be of course a perfect time for a reunion of former employees of Dunder Mifflin, but half the world is in quarantine in your home. However, John Krasinski has taken advantage of the special situation of the coronavirus to take forward its new project, which in addition she wants to contribute its grain of sand to let us pass better in this pandemic: ‘Some Good News’.

On your YouTube channel, and with a logo designed by their daughters, the actor has created a newscast with currently positive with which to rejoice in times of coronavirus. And wanted brand new program high for everything: inviting, via video call, to Steve Carell, who was his boss, Michael Scott in the comedy. The two revealed their favorite scenes from the series and told war stories. Krasinski recalls how, before getting the role of Jim, I worked as a waiter, and after recording the pilot returned to his previous job, believing that I was not going to get anywhere. Moments like the race, the plasma tv new Michael or when Jim imitated Dwight they are remembered by two of the greatest protagonists of the series, although Carell believes that if the series worked was because “all the world let it shine to others”.

Does meeting or not?

Since the announcement of the launch of Peacock, and that ‘The Office’ would be the completely available on the platform (in Spain you can view it in Amazon Prime Video time), have not left out rumors about a meeting or revival of the series. John Krasinski take advantage of its program to simply say I hope that some day we can meet… just like people.