‘John Wick’: A theory fan suggests that in reality it all happens within a video game


Who has ever seen ‘John Wick’ knows that the real thing is left many times out in favor of the spectacularity of the action, blow by blow of the saga. The constant fights of the character of Keanu Reeves against hundreds of assassins, their persecutions, falls from heights unimagined… And all with a choreography of mind-boggling that they have managed to turn it into a franchise of worship within the genus.

'John Wick' is a video game

Now, a theory fan collection reddit suggests that the entire history of the killer takes place in reality in a universe of video game. To demonstrate this, we give the following guidelines: John fight during the film against many criminals anonymous that, in general, manages to defeat without too much trouble. But at the end of the film faces the villain who is behind everything, the final bossthat is always much more difficult to overcome. In addition, during the action scenes there is little dialogue, leaving everything to the moments before or after the fight (as if they were cinematics).

If that weren’t enough, John just resulting wounded on many occasions, but always heals at a rate staggeringly fast. And finally, The Continental recalls very shameless the typical “save point”, where the character can stock up on supplies and recover without any option to new fights (or at least that was the idea until ‘John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum’).

What Matrix?

The theory is just suggesting that the future of the saga does not pass through more adventures against mobsters or the escape of a world that haunts him. John will end up becoming aware of what is, a video game character, and reveal themselves against their own nature.

Come on, ‘John Wick’ would be a kind of alternative version of ‘Matrix’ with a lot more violence. Be that as it may, the only thing that is known for now is that ‘John Wick 4′ was scheduled to be released on may 21, 2021, the same day that Matrix 4’ in what was already popularly known as the “Day of Keanu Reeves”. At least it was until the arrival of the coronavirus.