Justin Bieber considered to Hailey Baldwin “the greatest creation of God” in a poem | People and Celebrity


Justin Bieber is living a complicated personal time. With a decade of career behind their backs and many successes, the canadian of 25 years is in treatment for depression. These months, her biggest support has been his wife, Hailey Baldwin, 22. The young couple was married last summer and the singer has acknowledged that she has been pivotal in his life.

So much, that he wanted to write a poem to show you all his love. In your account of Instagram, and with its 108 million followers, the young was published Monday night a photo of his wife in black-and-white and in underwear with the Eiffel tower behind. An image that has achieved more than 3.5 million likes in just 12 hours and that does not hesitate to qualify his wife as “the greatest creation of God”.

“The sun sets over the abyss as I fall to your lips. The waves break on the shore. My love for you grows more and more. The sound of the crickets as meditation. I think of you, the greatest creation of God, while I fall into this state of bliss. Sopeso how you get to be my one and only true soul mate”, reflects the singer in your writing. “My life is a movie that they both star. And speaking of stars, I start to get some. Light up the sky, remind me of my liberty, how big and vast the world around us. So I give thanks to God because we had lost but he has found us. And I write this poem with him in mind”, has been drafted by the young man, closely associated with a pentecostal church australian usually go to in New York.

After the poem, Bieber has written a few words which seem to be an indication that your health problems are improving, and that Baldwin has helped you to do this. “Things between us get better with time. Every day I fall in love with more of you! You have walked of my hand while I’m still connecting with my emotions, my mind, my body and my soul. You have given Me strength, support, encouragement, and joy. And I want to honor you publicly and remind you that the best is still to come.”

In the last few weeks, the singer has been highly criticized to make you believe that your wife was pregnant that it would be the first common child of the couple by posting an ultrasound in your account of Instagram. However, hours after revealing that it was a joke of April’s Fools, the equivalent of the day of the Holy Innocents, a day that in the anglo-saxon countries it is celebrated on the 1 of April and in the spent jokes.

A joke that drew attention precisely because of the low profile that keeps the singer of Sorry, which in recent months has tried to stay on for a second and discreet flat, in both the professional (does not remove a disk from 2015, although this year it is expected a compilation of their greatest hits) as well as in the personal. In fact, although married with Baldwin a few months ago both have decided not to celebrate your wedding in a ceremony that big up inside of a time, when the singer is completely recovered.

In these months, the greatest support of Bieber have been her fans, she has even asked to pray for him, but above all it has helped Baldwin. “I’m emotionally unstable,” said Bieber in an interview with Vogue in February. “I struggle to find peace. I feel that I care a lot and I want people to want me. Hailey is very logical and structured, which I need.