Known to Nesi, the female voice of the musical success of Bad Bunny “I dirty dancing Alone”


Since the launch of YHLQMDLG -last album of Bad Bunny-, I dirty dancing, single it has been one of the songs most-talked-about album. But now the issue has reached a new level of popularity after the puerto rican has released the video clip, where we see him dressed as a woman and launching a powerful feminist message that it has done to catapult the song to the top of the lists of listeners.

Before the applauded a result, there are many who do not stop to ask ” who is the female voice that accompanies him on the track of reggaeton, there are even those who thought that it could be Rosalie.

But far from it, the voice that sounds is Genesis Rivers, a rapper of puerto rican 22 years old, who is known in the gender and urban social networks by his alias, Nesi.

Despite the fact that the young man does not appear in the video or in the credits for the song (but not in the album), his voice is one of the reasons why I Dirty Dancing, Single not for sound. “Before you I picheabas, now I pitching. Before you don’t want to, now I don’t want to. No, tranqui. I dirty dancing alone,” he sings at the start of the topic, the puerto rican.

Nesi is one of the promises of the trap in the Island of Enchantment and is preparing the music under the seal Hear This Music, label which before belonged Bad Bunny, after having formed part of the group Freestyle Mania. And she has thanked Bad Bunny the have included it on the album.

“Grateful with Bad Bunny for having me included in her album, the song is called I dirty dancing, single“said the day of the release of the album Rabbit Bad.

Without a doubt, thanks to the participation in the song, the talented puerto rican has gained great relevance in the world of social networking. In Instagram already has a community of followers of more than 200 thousand users, a figure that continues to grow. With them share photos of their day-to-day and some videos related to their passion: the music.

Although it does not appear in the official music video for Bad Bunny, the young also has their own version of the clip in which we see her in a boat surrounded by several young people dancing and, of course, perreando alone.

Although there are many that do not understand why the young do not have recognition in the credits, she doesn’t seem worried about it and in an interview with The Spokesman of Puerto Rico he explained that Bad Bunny, he composed the lyrics and the one thing that I wanted was their voice to the issue.

In addition, he counted as they emerged from this musical collaboration. “Everything went through the approach of third persons, it seems that he had liked my freestyle and that’s why it seems that he came up to me”, said the cited means.

Even so, on the platforms and in the industry, many people are applauding the work of Nesi and demand recognition for it. This is the case of the singer chilean Cami, who wrote on Twitter: “Step to say that I love to Nesi, the female voice of I Dirty Dancing, Single. To give it the recognition it deserves. Top women in music”.