Lady Gaga: “I’m going to call my next album Adele | Music


After the joke of Ryan Tedder on the one that joked about a collaboration with Beyonce, Adele and Chris Martin for his next album, the british singer returns to be the protagonist even though we don’t know if it will be a new chascarrillo, or a declaration of intent Lady Gaga.

The soloist new york went yesterday to your social networks to explain the new name of their next studio album. And no one expected what happened:

“I’m calling my next album Adele” (“I’m going to call my next album Adele”).

The own followers of Lady Gaga on Twitter did not give credit of what had happened and moved among those who were of the opinion that everything is a joke and that encourage the interpreter to his fifth music project bears the name of the popular singer of the English.

The Germanotta and Adele have never collaborated but in some ceremonies of delivery of awards have demonstrated their good understanding.

Ever wanted Lady Gaga to pay tribute to his colleague of profession, or is there something more that we have not heard?

After finding success on the big screen with A star is born whose soundtrack has returned to the first positions of the lists of sales, we are anxious to discover what he has prepared for LG5… to Adele, I want to say.

There are already more than three years we have been without receiving a full disc of Lady Gaga since the publication of Joanne (2016).