Looks to be at home inspired in cinema: 6 responses estilsticas that the film has already bean prepared for long hours indoor


From the pantaln of chndal grey of Scarlet Johansson in “Lost in Translation” at the caftn of Tilda Swinton in “Only lovers will survive”. Not everything is going to be find the answer in “Blade Runner”, other favorite tapes, and also can help us

Again, faced with a situation difficult, neither the music nor the film have left us trailing. Support, evasin and, in this case, a inexhaustible source of references to dress up and avoid the attention of the room gives the home that feel pasty that always worsens the state of nimo, the the carelessness. Although it is easy to incur in it, try to reach a balance, think that will do that character of film we love as we remember, in passing, that it is not now time autoexigirse.

The writer francs Henri Jeanson wrote, in relation to the film of Jean-Luc Godad, bout de souffl: “I love bout de souffl and I feel jealous of her (…). Tell me if you love bout de souffl and te dir quin eres”.

We’ve all fantasized about ever become the protagonist of our film header. Quiz also have grateful multiple times, in a monlogo delirious room, the scar for her. We have preferred to inhabit his little or experienced that moment in which the director offers the guin. A good maneuver of escapism is, by order, be it. With the resources that will allow your wardrobe (something blocked, just like its owner), it emulates your personality through the look key that builds it. We can look today in the mirror and be, for example, a creature well-dressed by Wes Anderson. Here, some reflections beautiful that you can return your image fleeing from the manidos topical. We all know that it is difficult to compete with the eye mask and the batn of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast with diamonds, but don’t underestimate these other options. Tell me what you like ms and te dir quin eres…


Bob (Bill Murray) and Charlotte (Scarlet Johansson) in a frame of<em> Lost in Translation</em> (2003).” src=”https://e00-telva.uecdn.es/assets/multimedia/imagenes/2020/03/30/15855640360819.jpg”/><figcaption class=caption>Bob (Bill Murray) and Charlotte (Scarlet Johansson) in a frame of<em> Lost in Translation</em> (2003).</figcaption></figure><p>The confinement in a hotel, although out of five stars, added to the <em>gap</em> emotional that was going on Charlotte requeran above all comfort. <strong>A wardrobe basic to cope with a life stage inflection</strong> from time to time reveals details of sa’s “other” reality: the bracelet <em>Love</em> of<a href=https://www.telva.com/moda/accesorios/2020/01/29/5e305abc01a2f1515b8b45ae.html target=_blank rel= Cartier, a bag from Marc Jacobs. The chndal was necessary and seasonal to a sea of doubts, interpreted by Scarlett Johansson in the second film of Sofia Coppola. A good pantaln of cotton grey there is nothing easy to find. Unless we go to Alexander Wang who, in the “garments of transition areo first class“we will not win anyone. Justin Bieber and his wife, Hailey Baldwin we are giving good moments in terms of fashion-shelter through their videos marriage young and carefree in quarantine. The signature Sporty & Rich (www.sportyandrich.com), that has become very popular thanks to social networks is especially appealing, and the ms photo recent Hollywood actors of duty they are also a good deal in the look with the optics of the best paparazzi. Combnalo with a jersey or a shirt for a male unless you are on the waiting list Vetements. With what we have at home, now tap “set one”. Already we will refine “to the back”.


The mysterious character of Eve (Tilda Swinton) taken from a plane well-known to us these d
The mysterious character of Eve (Tilda Swinton) taken from a plane well-known to us these days, the top-down, in a moment of the film by Jim Jarmusch.

It is the look of someone accustomed to live in the shadows and read a lot. Eve (Tilda Swinton) in the film of Jarmusch’s dresses caftn, garment dresser par excellence, given the nature of its broad pattern. Finally podrs redeem this souvenir bought in Ibiza or Marrakech then left because no-one can contextualise the asphalt. But the context, unfortunately, has changed and to that impulse buy will encontrars sense. Tilda est exhausted, but regal and even in the darkness of a vampire take the opportunity to get to the da with outstanding reads.


Scene of routine dom
Scene of routine domstica in the manner of the Nouvelle Vague-signed by ric Rohmer for his Story of spring (1990).

The work of the principal French ric Rohmer, of which this year is celebrated precisely on its centenary, you can help us, by their addresses as homage home to the last parade Jean-Paul Gaultier. Who has a striped shirt breton of the creator you could say that it has a file and not only wardrobe. With a pauelo to head to the game, as in this frame of the tape was filmed in 1990, Story of spring, you’ll be sending a subliminal message to the target while you apply yourself, killing time, in a new recipe: The summer, with luck, what we will enjoy. Rohmer has another “story” very interesting called Story of the summer. Invcalo.


The picturesque Suzy's <em>Moonrise Kingdom</em> (2012) Wes Anderson, during the evenings of reading and plot in his home of New England.” src=”https://e00-telva.uecdn.es/assets/multimedia/imagenes/2020/03/30/15855640386161.jpg”/><figcaption class=caption>The picturesque Suzy’s <em>Moonrise Kingdom</em> (2012) Wes Anderson, during the evenings of reading and plot in his New England home.</figcaption></figure><p>If you like the Suzy of <strong>Wes Anderson</strong> you have touched a intensive of brothers with which not only to negotiate your space but to share <em>hobbies</em> and routines,<strong> vstete with a look that shows the sovereign to be the primognita.</strong> Miu Miu is perfect for this, but in the absence of a proposal<a href=https://www.telva.com/moda/noticias/2020/02/23/5e528f0202136e8f338b4640.html target=_blank rel= Miuccia arrives in time to record in hours reviews, good is the good vintage that is sure to treasure it.


Chlo Sevigny, and their shirts of stripes and flowers Liberty are one of the great legacies of the film The Last Days of Disco (1998).

At home not everything is Netflix or tutorials of gymnastics Youtube. The telework consumes ms hours and energy that a day’s work orthodox. And, although there will be who is tempted to sit in front of the computer with the clothing “being at home” (pajamas and garments clap unpaired), avoids running the risk that instead of a call of phone conventional, your head is assaulted by the sudden idea of connect to videoconferencing. In a term average between comfort and composure, the looks of male shirts that carries Chlo Sevigny -about to be the mother of his first daughter – in the film The Last Days of Disco (1998) are very appealed. Without forgetting one of the songs from the tape, to ponrsela background waiting for that conference call, “I’m coming out”, Diana Ross.


Photo of orla of all the students in the school of Nicole Kidman in <em>The Seducci” src=”https://e00-telva.uecdn.es/assets/v3/img/lazyload/imgP.gif” onload=”lzld(this)” data-src=”https://e00-telva.uecdn.es/assets/multimedia/imagenes/2020/03/30/15855640391382.jpg”/><figcaption class=caption>Photo of orla of all the students in the school of Nicole Kidman in <em>The Seduccin</em> (2017).</figcaption></figure><p>This option is <strong>for the ms drsticos,</strong> those who would not bear to lose the papers or in situations of alert maximum. Quiz for this last need of that protocol rgido, to feel that at least control something, even if it is the dress to wear each day.<strong> The comfort is not a priority, but keeping the type up to the end. </strong>Military discipline in the outfit and hairstyle, Sofia Coppola (omnipresent, s) portrait with the atmosphere strict in 2017<em> The Seduccin. </em><a href=https://www.telva.com/estilo-vida/2020/02/05/5e34191901a2f1b2618b45ed.html target=_blank rel=Nicole Kidman and her girls as vestan: with blood fra to try to do “normal life”.