Maluma vacation in Aspen and the kissing with the Russian model Vivien Rubin


After finishing his relationship with Natalia Barulich, Maluma started in 2020 with a new love. Traveled to Aspen, Colorado, who seems to be his new girlfriend, the Russian model Vivien Rubin. The couple spent a pleasant time eating in the station, The Snow Lodge in the ski center. With them also were the parents and sister of the singer.

The couple were seen kissing and enjoying their rest in the resort.

Last year Maluma he ended his relationship with Barulich after two years after deciding to take time “to grow” as artists individually. In statements to Page Sixthe model and DJ said that you still loved him “very much” to his ex, but that they needed to “take time to continue to grow as artists and individuals.”

However, it seems that the interpreter of songs like “Blackmail” or “Trap” began a new relationship with the Russian model who works for the company of sale of marijuana called Ignite, owned by the millionaire Dan Bilzerian -a celebrity of the internet known as The king of instagram as this boasts of its wealth of social networks-.

In the pictures captured by the paparazzi you can see the successful singer born in Medellin and the model sitting at a table very close to each other. Maluma with new look does not pass unnoticed, while Rubin wears a black attire and sunglasses.

In other photos you can see them walking on the snow hand in hand. Both Maluma as his new bride shared photos of skiing and enjoying the scenery of Aspen.

Who is Vivien Rubin? The model is 27 years old, was born in Russia and is the ambassador of popular brands such as Fashion Strada and Ignite. He currently lives in Los Angeles. Rubin has more than 582 thousand followers on Instagram, where they published images of their photo shoots as a professional model. In the different publications that share on that social network, you can see some work that has been done for various firms.

This is not the first time that Maluma has been linked to a model after its end with Barulich in October. The love between them ended after two years of relationship. After the break, there were rumors of the footballer Neymar was responsible for the break up.

According to brazilian media, Neymar took advantage of the trip that Natalia did for Europe, to get closer to her and begin an exchange of text messages by WhatsApp and Instagram. This communication led to each other and then began to leave. Barulich also attended a match played by the brazilian to Paris Saint Germain.

Days after the rupture, the popular artist of reggaeton, was related with the model Winnie Harlow at the end of October when he saw the couple dining together in a restaurant-Latin Blend in Long Islan New York. A source close to the singer then denied any kind of relationship between them and stated that Maluma was “completely single”.

Maluma was several weeks in New York, where he proved his flair for acting and participated in the filming of the movie Marry Meat the side of Owen Wilson and Jennifer Lopez.