Melisa Rauseo charges against the young man that I pay 50 USD to Osmariel to greet Goddess Channels (+VIDEO)


The tv presenter showed indignant that someone to waste money on cause controversy and not focus on what is happening in the global landscape.

Melisa Rauseo, presenter of the program transmitted by the channel of the G golden, Saturday nightreacted badly to the fact that someone with an account on Instagram will be paid to the model venezuelan Osmariel Villalobos for a salute to the singer Goddess Channels when everyone knows that the two have a spat from several years ago.

This Saturday in the program that are dedicated to giving you news from the showbiz venezuelan, Rauseo he spoke with the same Goddess about her recently announced pregnancy, and also questioned about whether she had received the salutation of Osmariel, who was contracted for this in the application Famous.

Rauseo said that she is “a stupidity” the fact that someone would dedicate their money to cause controversy and gain followers on social networkswhen they could have done something better with that amount, especially at this time that the world has been experiencing with the coronavirus.

“That money could be donated to a foundation or to any person on the street instead of spending on that silliness”, were the words of the creole.

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