Ninel Conde is criticised by a video she shared on Instagram


Ninel Conde has become new account object ridicule and harsh criticism in social networks after sharing a video in your account Instagram to motivate people not to leave their homes and thus avoid the spreading of the coronavirus that for weeks has swept across the country.

But no one expected that this good deed would end up being a huge nightmare for the singer, as several users ignored the message Ninel Conde and dedicated to attack it by your physical appearance and in a matter of minutes publication of Instagram it is filled with offenses towards her.

In the video we can see Ninel Conde wear a blouse of aquamarine and a makeup discreet, which showed that the singer was inside of house as part of the quarantine voluntary, that it has undergone since already several days ago.

Ninel Conde is criticised by a video she shared on Instagram.

Ninel Conde gets picked on by his physical appearance

But apparently there were very few people who will thanked Ninel Conde by taking a little of your time to dedicate this emotional message of prevention, as the majority of the comments were to harsh criticism that his haters made him on his face.

“You look ugly”, “you Were better before,” “You look like Lyn May,” and “I don’t do more surgeries that will leave your face deformed” are just some of the derogatory comments that Ninel Conde has received today in the video that he shared with his fans through his account of Instagram.

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Ninel Conde is criticised by a video she shared on Instagram.

And although the negative comments have been made to present in this publication of Ninel Conde, it is well known that the singer is not affected by them because on numerous occasions we have heard you say that you are unhappy with your face and not care about what people say.

Photos: Instagram @ninelconde